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Keejans provides proffessional tutors.
Our Musical lessons include GuZheng, Erhu, Dizi, Hulusi, Drum, Guitar, Piano, Vocal and many more !

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Beanie and Burgeon"
Children Music Class
Music Class for 3 -7 Years Old children!
A fun filled music class for children of 3 - 7.
"Dizi" Music Lesson
The dizi is a Chinese transverse flute. It is also sometimes known as the di (笛) or hengdi (橫笛)
"GuZheng" Music Lesson
The guzheng or gu zheng also simply called zheng (箏, gu 古 means "ancient"), is a Chinese plucked zither.
"Hulusi" Music Lesson
The hulusi (traditional: 葫芦丝; simplified: 葫芦丝; pinyin: húlúsī) is a free reed wind instrument from China. 
Time : Sat 6pm-7pm, Sun 3.30-4.30pm.
"Erhu" Music Lesson
The erhu is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument, more specifically a spike fiddle, which may also be called a "southern fiddle"
"Drum" Music Lesson
Chinese orchestra and opera uses different kinds of Chinese drums to give a unique flavour to the song. 
"Guitar" Music Lesson
The guitar is a popular musical instrument classified as a string instrument.
"Piano" Music Lesson
The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard.
Vocal Lessons
The best vocal lessons, guaranteed! 
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